Changes to Arts Box Award

Trinity College London and Arts Council England recently consulted with Arts Award advisers and young people registered on the site to conduct an external review of Artsbox. The outcome of the review has led Trinity to make the decision to close the Artsbox platform and the site will close on 31 March 2018.

About The Review

The aim of the review was to better understand user experience for both advisers and young people with the goal to identify:

  • The ways in which young people use Artsbox. 
  • The extent to which the functionality of Artsbox meets young people and adviser needs. 
  • If the functionality needs to differ for different ages of young people using Artsbox. 
  • The extent to which young people want to share their Arts Award work or portfolio with a wider public audience (and their ability to do this in Artsbox). 

Although many young people and advisers identified positive experiences and welcomed the opportunity to have access to a secure site that supports their need to showcase work digitally; the review also identified that the Artsbox platform does not sufficiently meet the needs of young people and advisers in developing digital portfolios.

Trinity recognise that digital portfolio technology has developed substantially in the time since Artsbox was commissioned and the Arts Award community would gain greater benefit from accessing platforms that are familiar to young people and allow them to share their art work and development with a wider audience of peers and arts professionals.

We are currently looking at safe blogging apps that our members can use to record their portfolios.

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