Our vision is a community that invests in its children’s creativity. Where all children are given free access to the arts so they can realise their creative potential and are inspired to build for themselves a vibrant, diverse and connected community. To accomplish our vision we create both free and affordable, accessible arts events in Boscombe that encourage children’s participation and engagement with the arts and local artists. We are a small charity with big hearts serving the children of Boscombe.


* Family * Honesty * Diversity * Community * Innovation * Creativity * Respect *


  • To work towards inspiring young imaginations, bringing young people and creative practitioners together.
  • To give disadvantaged children (5 – 12) from the most deprived areas of our community, who are excluded from arts activities by means of their poverty, the opportunity to engage in arts events that will improve their life skills and help alleviate them from the issues caused by their hardship.
  • To nurture children’s well-being by using the arts to encourage cooperation and problem solving, free expression, communication, imagination, creativity and trust building.
  • To promote children’s health through arts activities.
  • To raise awareness of Creative Kids within the local community and to develop and promote its services in order to encourage greater participation, engagement and community cohesion.
  • To enlist workers from the voluntary sector including work experience/placements students.


The direct benefits of our activities program includes increased confidence and self esteem, leading to improved health & well being, children learning a bank of life skills to draw upon as they grow into young adults, increased positive social networks and an enhanced social conscience and sense of place. Indirect benefits include offering respite care to parents.

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